Scoutbook perms for all leaders were revoked

I’m following up on this thread here: System failure (77) - For existing report

The advice given was: “your registered position has ended - I imagine that is the issue - perhaps your charter is not processed / I would start with your unit Chair”

Apparently all leader’s permissions were revoked, and it sounds like our council is struggling with restoring it. This is really hampering our efforts, since we have activities planned for next week, and we need to organize around rank requirements - pretty much right now - we have 5 days until the event.

Is there something someone here that can take a look and help out a bit? We’re kind of at a loss right now.

Thanks for any help!!!

@ChrisYeoh your charter is not done - this falls on unit or council to take action

Ok thanks @DonovanMcNeil !

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