Two Leaders accounts have been disabled in Scoutbook, even though they are registered and rechartered

Pack 339 - Fort Brooke
Christian and Kim Higgins.

we cannot grant them any permission to their already assigned Dens, the access was removed from the last week or so

I am looking into this.

Thank you - I’m open for a phone conversation if one is needed.


Both had 2 Scoutbook IDs attached to your unit. I have merged the accounts. Please check again.

The + Add Position / Role button is still missing from both profiles. I see on Kim’s account the email address has been added back in/corrrected

still not able to give them access to update the Scouts profiles in their assigned Dens

Your recharter has not yet processed. There is a known issue with units in the grace period. This could be affecting them.


Why would that have broken just these two accounts and not the rest of our leadership?

We don’t know. We are seeing strange things with the grace period issue. It is only affecting some leaders and units but not others.


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