Scoutbook Plus NOT updating

I went in and updated an Adventure that my den completed, I got a notice that is was being saved but it is not showing up anywhere that this was completed. It did not update my Scouts % of completion and it is still telling me that they have not started the adventure.

Also when parents log into Scoutbook they cannot see anything from the new program? Will these two items still share information? Is the old Scoutbook being phased out, can parents log in somewhere else to see what is happening for their Scout?

The have the same database, but the only way to see the current / new Cub program is through SB+.

So there is not a mobile option for the new program?

@CherylZeljak - the only mobile app is the scouting app which is for scouts and parents not leaders

otherwise you reach sb+ via on the phone

The mobile option is not ready yet. So for now, the only way to interact with it is SB+ web.

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So I am still wondering about the advancement items are not showing in Scoutbook+. Is there something happening there too?

@CherylZeljak -

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