Scouts transfering from a different council - duplicate Scoutbook entries?

I have two Scouts who transferred from a council on the East Coast to the OCBSA in California. Their existing Scoutbook profiles were transferred over by their parents to our Pack. However, when they applied to our council, new Scoutbook profiles were created with their new OCBSA BSA IDs.

Is there any way to merge the previous profile with the new ones? Given the fact they have a LOT of history on their old profiles, it’d be great if they could be merged rather than having to start with the blank new ones and have to manually repopulate the history.

Hi, @HeidiBramlet,

Email, and all them to merge the accounts. Provide the unit number, names, BSA ID numbers, and scoutbook User IDs for the scouts, and all that the accounts be merged. Make sure you indicate which BSA ID is current and should remain on the account. I recommend recording the “old” BSA ID somewhere before the merge in case you ever need to request the person record from the old council.

The scoutbook user ID appears in the URL when you’re looking at the scouts’ account when reached from the unit roster:**ScoutUserID=#####**

Thanks so much for the help! Will try this method.

  • Heidi