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Scoutbook Redesign Plans?

Therein lies the problem. Scoutbook is way easier to navigate.

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I agree with you but unfortunately the “experts” in Irving feel the Internet Advancement UX is better.

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@KristiBorowy - I get the same results as @JohnGeiser when I click on Dashboard… well not the same units and family :slight_smile:

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I know you can’t do anything about it, but decisions like this by the “experts” make folks who have to use these things on a regular basis crazy…

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I hope than when this change happens, they keep a way to use the current layout. For example: one website I use for work has their current version (https://authpro.com/) but if you prefer the old version (https://old.authpro.com/) you can still use it.

That won’t happen. The current UX will die when the Scoutbook code is fully ported to the new programming stack.


If you click events, the administration page collapses. Clearing cache may also contribute to this, but it’s definitely closed by default the first time you log in.

Not just the users but those of us that try to support the tools with our “spare” time too.


Perhaps it all should be moved to a CLI type of interface. Have a list of commands and there you have it :slight_smile:


@Stephen_Hornak , I wish every app had a CLI option! Can we use Fn keys as well? :slight_smile:

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What’s wrong with punch cards? worked for me when I was in college (yea, I’m old)


Whoa, really? Does that mean a prioritization of ASP, or are APIs still a goal in the coming years? I see IA at least uses json api, while SB looks like MVC (or similar). Or are we talking only about the display features, like how SB was designed to run in a mobile browser and “flip” between pages, even though IA appears to have a stronger, more responsive approach – that’s mobile friendly, but also easy to use in a desktop, even if not quite feature-rich…

…With a robust API and a nation full of eager volunteers, I’m sure we could get some super nice CLI (and other UIs, too). So I’m with you – Nothing wrong with CLI. @WilliamNelson: nothing wrong with punch cards, either. But I’ve seen the community asking questions about the plans for a couple years. Is there a formal road map we might refer to?

I think we all want to see SB (or whatever it’s called post-integration) succeed. Is there a way to leverage that support?

@WilliamNelson - you know I would go for that in a heart beat… saves all of the fuss over silly UI/UX… and I am very old… now where did i leave the tardis


@BenjaminChase - the release of api is a non-starter. This will not happen as far as I have seen.

The last roadmap the BSA published is several years old and as such, out of date.

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Agreed! I think tooltips would help a lot.

Right – my Administration page was closed by default. It looks like now it stays open until I clear my cache (which needs to happen for various reasons now and then).

I personally like the way Scoutlander is set up. The only problem with it is that it no longer supports Adobe. Which means no more photos or videos. That’s what we used with our last troop and just used Scout Book for tracking rank and merit badges. All of the rest of us used the other. If we could somehow get Scoutbook to the user friendly level of Scoutlander, I think parents and leaders would be much happier.

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I totally agree with you! Scoutbook is horrible! And not user-friendly AT ALL! And now, they seem to have done away with the Helpdesk, so now I can never get adequate help. I too wished to be on some sort of panel to try to get Scoutbook up-to-date and more user-friendly.

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