Parent can't see her scouts profile

Hi, I have seen parent that can’t view her scouts profile. It is showing that she is connected correctly in the system and she is receiving email from Scoutbook but her scouts is not listed under her “My Dashboard”. All she see is Administration - My Account, The My Family portion is missing. Dose anyone know how to fix this I’m at a loss.

the mother probably has 2 accounts - post her BSA # or SB User ID - both can be found under her Edit Profile

I was not the poster, but I am having the same issue.

BSA#: 135875128
UserID: 2680937

She can not see her son Anthony Lee.



She has 3 Scoutbook accounts and 2 IDs. We will need to merge the IDs. I’ll send you a private message because we need more information that we don’t want in a public forum. Look for a green circle with white number on the yellow circle with white P in the upper right corner of your forum window.

Perfect thank you so much for your help


Your issue has not been fixed. We need the mother’s Scoutbook User ID (click on her name then Edit Profile to find it).

so the 1 that i can see her sb user id is 11173745

She has 2 Scoutbook accounts. I’ll let you know when they are merged.

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Her accounts are merged. She needs to login with the ID she logged in with on Sunday.

I have a similar issue.
We have a scout that transferred from another state. He had to be issued a new BSA number and user ID. He has 2 accounts that have not been merged.
The second issue is his mom cannot access the new account. When I send her the link to join, she logs in from the link (even creates a new password) and it connects her with the old account in Arizona.
any help is appreciated.

@GregoryHarter Please post the Scout’s BSA member number (no names) and we will take a look.

His account from Arizona is:
BSA member136988801

The current account in Iowa is:
BSA 132059453

any updates on merging the profiles?

@GregoryHarter the scout’s accounts in SB are merged = the mothers are a different issue I think - the scout is connected to 2 mother accounts which are slightly different - but neither has ever logged in

Thanks. I know she has logged into the Arizona account as she has sent me screen shots of that one. Any idea why when I send her an invite from his current account, she logs in, even clicked forgot password and reset, it only shows his Arizona activity?
Would deleting her connection and starting over for her fix the issue now that the accounts are merged?
Or when she logs into the Arizona information, if she cancels that connection would she be able to log into his current information?

@GregoryHarter she needs to log in and go to Edit Profile for herself and get the Scoutbook User ID

thank you for what ever you did. She said she logged on today, and its showing the correct troop, rank, etc. None of which, she was seeing last week.