Text reminders for calendar

Since everything is getting stirred up, I think it is time to bring this topic back up.

I have parents that don’t use their email very often. I can probably get them to enter their text information into their Scoutbook profile. This allows for me to send messages from the messages tab, but event reminders/RSVP only go to email.

Please add the option to send event reminders to email & text. The ones for text could be: “Event XXX is coming up on date YYY, Please visit page xxx for more details.”

This is becoming a big dissatisfier for parents & hard for us as busy leaders to go back in & specifically send out text messages a few days before an event (as opposed to automated when you set the reminders when an event is setup).

Text reminders for calendar events

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This could be done via phone number and then knowing the provider. Its a fairly basic thing that could be done but its text/length limited. Would need to be a certain standard format (Event Name, Start Date/Time, Link to Event).

That is already part of Scoutbook for messaging. Check it out. The infrastructure is already there.

But you can’t have both text and email. You also need to use as your primary email address. You also can’t have two emails addresses. The text messages are also junk as they aren’t optimized for text messaging (all versus key subject/date/link).

Messaging can text. However, event reminders are only setup for email. What we need is event reminders that can be done as text.

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