Scoutbook Shows info for my secondary member ID, even after following troubleshooting steps

My Scoutbook account is showing the info for my Daniel Webster Council member ID, which I am only registered in for camp staff, instead of my Spirit of Adventure Council member ID, which is my original ID with all of my units attached to it. In My.Scouting, it lists my main member ID as primary. My.Scouting and Internet Advancement all display the correct information. Scoutbook lists my member ID as the correct one, but all other information is taken from my other member ID (including council, positions, units, logs, etc.) Additionally, Internet advancement only allows me to access my troop (where I am an ASM); It gives me an error code whenever I try to click on my crew or ship (where I am a participant). All of my logs are currently missing. I followed all the troubleshooting steps listed in the Scoutbook support page, including resetting the SSO, but none of it worked.

@ConnorLangkopf this is fixed for you

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