Leader with two Member ID's & Mismatched Access

Hello, I reached out to my local Council Office about this issue and they recommended that I email scoutbook.support@scouting.org which generated an autoreply that the account was not monitored and pointed me to this forum.

I am a registered Merit Badge Counselor in the Seneca Waterways Council 397 and also a Cubmaster in the Anthony Wayne Area Council 157. My member ID for Seneca Waterways is 1957066. My member ID for Anthony Wayne Area is 14600935. I had the Seneca Waterways ID first and served as Cubmaster, Committee Chair, etc under that ID for many years before the Anthony Wayne ID was set up.

When I switch my primary ID to the Seneca Waterways (1957066) I am able to see my Pack 3021 (Anthony Wayne Area) on Scoutbook and manage it properly. I cannot however see any of the information about the Pack 3021 on my.scouting like the application manager, training, etc.

When I switch my primary ID to Anthony Wayne (14600935) I am able to see all of my Pack 3021 information on my.scouting like the Applications, Training, etc however when I log into Scoutbook there are just random “artifacts” with no data.

I have managed to get by by constantly switching my Primary ID and then logging out and back in to use each respective service but I am hoping there is a better way going forward.

I don’t know why councils are still doing this. That email has been defunct for well over a year now.

Essentially, Scoutbook does not handle simultaneous registrations in multiple councils. Is there a reason not to move the MBC position to the same council as your unit registration?

The SUAC folks can do a deeper dive to see if they can identify something specific to your case that’s going wrong. However, there are a lot of posts on the boards about mixed-council registrations, and they all seem to hit a variety of roadblocks getting good functionality.

Moving the MBC to my current Council is probably fine, I just would not want to lose all of the history on my old Scouting ID where Scouting / training / leadership history was associated (not sure if that matters or not or if all of your history transfers to whatever ID that you use). The more immediate fix I think would be to have Scoutbook tied to my 14600935 ID as that is the one that shows my current Pack info in my.scouting and if that happened I would not need to constantly switch the primary ID back and forth.

@MichaelBartholomew1 leadership history does not matter. You already have your MIDs under management so all training will flow to whatever one is primary. Scoutbook is basically fighting between the 2 users, thinking both are the right one so it is moving our roles around when you switch primary. MBC is a universal role, so I would move it to you new council.

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