Scoutbook login just spins

My login to works fine. Yesterday Scoutbook worked fine for me. Last night, I entered a new member application (Multiple units, two different councils). I recently moved from Capitol Area Council in Texas to the Cascade Pacific Council. I’m keeping my member ID’s in both as I’m a Commissioner in CAC and ASM in CPC. When I login, Scoutbook just spins and I don’t get logged in.

It looks like if I change my primary ID to the CPC member ID, where my son’s record currently is. I can login to scoutbook. If I try to login to scoutbook with the CAC member ID being primary, the login just spins. I’m still a registered ASM and RTC in CAC, so I should still have access to Scoutbook there, while viewing my son’s scoutbook record in CPC until my ASM position is fully approved.


You have 3 BSA Member IDs (MIDs) in Capitol Area Council, Michigan Crossroads Council and Cascade Pacific Council. You also have 2 Scoutbook accounts, one tied to your Cascade Pacific Council MID and one to your Michigan Crossroads Council MID.

Your CAC MID was previously tied to your Scoutbook account with your CPC MID.

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