Scoutbook Unit Pages not loading at all

Once logged into scoutbook, when clicking on unit pages they are not loading at all. This just started tonight. I used it just fine today.

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This has been reported to IT. Thank you.

I am having the same issue. It just sits and spins.

Internet Advancement is working again.

no it still says error loading page when i click on the pack, troop or the girls troop it just spins and spins and then says error loading page

I did see it working last night. Regardless, I’ve alerted IT.

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Thank you! No access to Scoutbook or Internet Advancements has been frustrating.

I am able to load the roster in scoutbook and IA launching

it started working around 12:30am eastern time

Same Issue. started last night. Still not working this morning.

BSA IT is aware and working on the issue

Training pages are not loading at all for me tonight, get a red bar with “error loading courses”. Is this issue related?

@JeffreyMaynor Which training pages are you referring to? I am not having any issues.