Scoutbook Update Dropped Most Recently Approved Merit Badge

Last night I received an update from Scoutbook listing merit badges for which i am an approved counselor. All the badges I’ve been counseling for 15 years are listed but the recently created Citizenship in Society was dropped I was approved for this badge shortly after the program was created. How do I get this fixed?

Most likely you need to talk to whomever at your council manages merit badge registrations. They are the ones responsible for maintaining the list in Scoutbook (or at least providing the correct listing to whomever maintains the registration list).

If you received an email that means council made a change

I’ve contacted Council, but the notice said it was a change by Scoutbook to align application dates and drop old positions, including MBC. So this implicates a systemic change not a local change.

@WilliamKellermann - that is a message via scoutbook generated by council scoutbook admins

@WilliamKellermann See if it’s back now

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