Scoutbook Youth Member Not Showing Up On Email List

When selecting recipients for an email, we have a Youth Member who does not show up in the list. His email works, because he receives event reminders as an Invitee. He attempted to login to Scoutbook to see what could be wrong, but was unable to do so. He attempted to reset his password, but never received the email after going through the reset process.

@NelsonBrown If you post the Scout’s BSA member number, we can take a look.

Scout’s BSA ID: 130989779

The Scout has never logged in - that verifies email for messages


@NelsonBrown the username is Firstnamelastname

@NelsonBrown Has the Scout tried using the chatbot (“Betty”) at my.scouting to reset his password?

The odd thing is that he used to show up in the Youth Member section of sending emails, but suddenly vanished. As for logging in, he may have been using his email address instead of a login ID to get in, so we’ll have him try that or chatbot to get back into Scoutbook. We have a Troop meeting this evening, so we’ll try tonight.

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