Scouting App won't show Den events

Slightly related to this post:Unable to retrieve events, please try again later - #18

As well as many in the past but over 5 years ago and still an issue with no known solution in those threads (nothing definitively stating its a bug or by design).

I have created Pack events and Den events (Tiger) as the Advancement Chair and Tiger Den Leader. In the Scouting App, the calendar only shows Pack events none of the Den events.

I know the Scouting App is intended for parents but where is the logic that an event is displayed on the user’s (as long as their invited) web UI, synced to their device via iCal, but not in their scouting app if they are a leader (which most parents are both)?

I see sub-unit events in app - are the scouts invited to the event would be my first question

The Tiger Den (all youth, parents, and 5 leaders) are invited.

Is that an old DLE Scheduled event?

NO, I steered clear of DLE.

I created all of these events yesterday (over 24hours ago).

@TravisStephens show the Edit Event screen for the Team Tiger one if you can



Just an update, I had a parent only check. He is invited (Da****) in the pictured list above (I duplicated events so all invitees are the same).

He does not see anything in the Den calendar either. So the sub unit calendar is not displaying for anyone in the Scouting App.

@TravisStephens just to confirm, are you clicking on a date for a den event (the app doesn’t show an event unless you click on a date that has an event that day I.e. there isn’t a “running list of events” only an event if the day clicked has an event). It’s a quirk of the app and more readily apparent in day mode where the calendar has a dot on the days with events. Just figured this was worth checking so it wasn’t overlooked.

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Thanks for the suggestion but yes, I have tried clicking on the date. It still only shows the Pack event that date.

To add to quirkiness when selecting dates, I have found that if I open the app and select a date, it shows just that date (good). If I filter by upcoming it can show random information like having Sept 3 selected but displaying all events in August (pictured below). It always goes back a month. If I select Oct 1, it will show Sept events (still Pack only). If you turn off the upcoming date filter, it will continue to show all the upcoming events (now for the correct month) no matter what date is selected until you close the app and reopen it.

The calendar on the app, needs some work.

September 3rd selected but showing August Upcoming (with upcoming filter on) example>

October 3rd selected but showing September Upcoming (with upcoming filter on) example>

Upcoming filter off and showing all the month’s events no matter the date selected example>

Additionally, searching for an event like “Tiger” should show a dot on the date that matches that search criteria (all of my Tiger den events start with Tiger).

There are no dots on any date indicating there are no events coming in from the Sub Unit (Tiger Den).

As a point of information, do you know if the den events are ones that were created by the old Den Leader Experience tool? I’m wondering if that’s playing into the calendar display issues.

Now 48 hours ago.

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Sorry about that. I had missed that exchange with Donovan. That’ll teach me to read more closely. :^P

This has been reported - but it is working for others so that is the issue

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At least 3 users, of all different permissions, it isn’t but I’ll test anyway I can to help.

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