Scouting mobile app doesn't show full information

I have administrator privileges on scoutbook for my troop, but can only see my own scouts. I cannot see events or any advancement or information for anyone other than my own kids. I see that other people’s apps have events and other useful information. My app and my iOS software says it is up to date. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I have attached a screen shot of my only options below.


The Scouting App is only for Parents/Scouts - so you will only see your Children. I think events show for those who are invited (but that is from memory)

I am a parent, but also an administrator for the troop. When I compare what I see on my app with the other administrators, mine is lacking significant information. I am unable to see events or check the advancement of the scouts in the troop. This is something that others definitely can see. As you can see by the picture of my menu, it only shows three of the 5 options.

Thank you.

you are under your own profile - you have to select a scout

@StaceyBrewer Perhaps you could provide additional information, as I know your app is showing more information than mine. Thank you.

on the image above where it has SCOUTS in red - from there you click a scout and unit

There are only two scouts listed–my own. I cannot see any other scouts in the troop.

yes - as stated - this tool is only for parents - it is not a unit wide management tool - it Only shows your own children

What about events? I cannot see the events for my troop.

Also, this means that no merit badge counselors can check on requirements for scouts they are counseling, and ASMs can’t check on scout’s advancement via the app? This would be a great improvement on functionality for the app.

@MeganKressin - in reading the description of the app is is meant for parents and scouts. Just what exactly made you believe it has the function of

I guess I was used to the full functionality of the troopmaster app, which my troop had relied on heavily. This is a significant downgrade.

Additionally, in comparing my app to that of another parent in my troop, I have more limited functionality. For example, she can see troop events and I cannot.

Also, your reply, “Just what exactly made you believe . . .” seems very hostile.

@MeganKressin - just stating that all documentation and the description of the app in the app store specifically noted it is for parents. The full app so to speak is and being web based it is external to OS and browsers.

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@DonovanMcNeil I do not have events as a menu item, and do not see events for which I am invited.

as stated before - you have to be select a scout first to see events - that way it isolates the events to the correct unit

Okay, thanks. I guess it just doesn’t show events that I, as an adult in the troop, am invited to.

Are there any plans to improve the functionality of the app?

The Scouting app is intended for Scouts and Parents, not Scouters. I think it’s doing what it advertises. If you want the full functionality of the Scoutbook site, use the Scoutbook site. It’s well-formatted to work on a smartphone or tablet screen, and it’s touchscreen-friendly.

Okay, thanks @SteveCagigas. I had hoped it would have the same functionality as the troopmaster app, especially in regards to its offline capabilities. We will figure out as a troop how to work without this. The transition to scoutbook in general has been tough, as we miss many of the functions we used to have.

Events viewed from a Parent account should be coming soon - it was pulled at first as it is complex - mixing all the different units for the parent and Scouts (for me, Cubs, Troop and Ship) - so that is being worked on


You may already be aware… You can use from any device.