Scout seems to have limited access in scoutbook

My son logged in to the scout book (not the scouting app) and could only see limited info - his profile and the messaging tool. He could not see calendars or his patrol.Is that by design? I gave him access in June and was able to log into the app - his primary source of scout info. But we were exploring the system as him to see if he could find a merit badge counselor, and there is nothing in the app. So we tried Scoutbook and found almost no access. he can see his profile and advancement and start a merit badge, but he can’t see calendars or find a counselor. Is there a setting I need to give him to see more? AM I missing something?

That is how it is designed - if he goes to advancement he can use the top breadcrumbs to get to patrol or troop and the calendars

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Maybe. On mobile, click the house / home icon at the top of the page. Then click Dashboard. Now Administration is probably expanded. Click it to reduce it. Now you should also see messaging and calendar.

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