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Advancement Info Not Showing on Mobile App

Before promoting the mobile app to our parents and scouts I wanted to see how it worked, so I made sure I was the parent on my son’s account and have Full Access. I downloaded the app login and see my son listed but when I click on his name it doesn’t show ANY of his advancement/MB etc…nothing is there, even though I can clearly see the items on scoutbook. Is there a magic step I am missing? I certainly don’e want to share this with my son yet with it showing nothing.
Thanks for any ideas.

did you click the Advancements tab?

Yes:) It shows empty and zeros on everything for him.

looking at mine it seems there are some backend issues today I see my Scout BSA Scouts advancements - but the Awards are messed up

Okay - I will try again tomorrow. I have setup a couple other leaders with their scouts to give it a try, hopefully they have better results.

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