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Hi all! I am working on getting our Troop to utilize the mobile app more. As such, I have been tasked with explaining what all the symbols mean within the app. When I look at the mobile app, need to clarify what the following symbols mean on the merit badges.

  • Star - This appears to mean awarded to me

  • Double blue checkmarks - These items appear to be MBs that have been completed/approved but not yet awarded

  • Orange circle - I am not 100% sure on these. Some of these are MB that have been marked completed/approved but not yet awarded AND then some of these appear to be truly in progress.

Please see the attached image for a reference.

Last but not least… is there a guide to the app? I have found a couple of articles while searching, but they seem to be lacking in information.

Thank you in advance!
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Kim Heisel

@KimberlyHeisel - the orange dot is a merit badge in progress with some requirements being done or a merit badge started, The double check in blue is one approved but not yet awarded. Do be mindful that unit leaders are not able to access scouts via the app. It is meant for scouts and parents.

Thanks for the information. This is interesting. Some of the orange dot MB shown on this picture are marked as completed, but not yet awarded in SB. They are the ones that have a date listed at the bottom of the icon. The others, such as geocaching, are truly in progress. I am not sure why there would be a difference. What do you think about it?

Are the orange dot MBs with dates marked as Completed in Scoutbook, but not yet marked Leader Approved in Scoutbook? Those are two different steps. The first can be done by a parent or scout either through Scoutbook or the app), but the second must be done by a unit leader (either in Scoutbook or IA2).

They are marked as leader approved in this case. I am taking screenshots of a friend’s app for their Scout. I am actually the advancement coordinator, but I can’t explain why it is showing up this way.


That’s what I was trying to verify. If they are marked Leader Approved, it seems to me that they should be showing with a double-check.

Are they also marked as Counselor Approved in Scoutbook? It’s also possible that they are only showing as orange dots because they are not marked Counselor Approved. That seems like a bug to me, since not all MBCs use Scoutbook to approve MBs/MB requirements. A Leader Approved mark without a Counselor Approved mark could indicate that the counselor signed a completed blue card, rather than using Scoutbook to mark anything/everything Counselor Approved. If there is a desire to show a distinction between Counselor Approved only, Leader Approved only, and both Counselor and Leader Approved, a single check mark could be used for the single-approval state (rather than using the same in-progress marker as though some requirements are not yet completed).

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@KimberlyHeisel - ok so the orange dot signifies anything not completely approved. I personally do not use the app although I have it installed on my phone and will log in as either myself or my son only for the sake of testing and providing feedback. The best option I always go with is have the scouts and parents log into and make a shortcut on their home screen on mobile. The choice is up to your audience.

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