vs. Course ID Differences

Trying to manually sync my training in ScoutBook, I realized that the course IDs do not line up between these two systems.

Scouting Organization for Boy Scouting
ScoutBook : SCO_400
My.Scouting : SCO_443

Role of the Unit Key 3 for Boy Scouting
ScoutBook : SCO_401
My.Scouting : SCO_442

Only YPT and IOLS match between the two of 19 courses I have completed. This certainly makes manual sync up time consuming.

BSA has decided to not continue syncing individual training in Scoutbook. The quote below is from the March 2019 blog post.

" – Training course completed information

Scoutbook is not the training tracker for the BSA any longer (and will not be updated). Please refer to for official training tracking. Scoutbook will soon remove all but YPT and Position Trained from Scoutbook and replace with links to training center and reports. There are multiple advantages to this change to one source of training information. Among these are having Training reports for all your positions, council, district and unit; having Training reports for your units; receiving Training reports that roll up; and Training reports for the different units that you manage."

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