Training reconciliation

I have a leader with one BSA ID but when I run a report on that leader, his record does not match what he says he has done. When I asked for his YPT, the BSA ID is different than the one he’s set as a leader for in Scoutbook
Which one should be set as the primary? The one that has the YPY or the one listed in Scoutbook and If it’s the scoutbook one, how do I get his YTP moved to the correct ID?

I have another user that completed her position training but it shows as not completed in (training manager). On her phone, it’s all completed. I have the permissions to enter training records but only in-person. How can I get her online training record updated?

To get training to sync between two valid BSA IDs, in the past the recommendation was to make sure both are in the user’s profile at Select the “added” one, set it as primary, let 24-48 hours elapse to sync the training records to that account, then switch back to the “correct” BSA ID, and everything should be synchronized. I have seen this work – and not work – for different scouters for reasons I never figured out.

ETA: Regarding the scouter whose training looks complete on their phone, but not in training manager, how long ago was the training completed? Is it possible that things haven’t synchronized yet? If it was a while ago, posting just the scouter’s BSA ID(s) – no names! – can help the relevant folks look at the back end.

respective trainings got completed days ago so it’s not a sync issue.

@NicolasRietsch if you provide BSA # we can look at it - it sounds like they have multiple BSA # which is somewhat common

For my 1st leader, his BSA ID in Scoutbook is 137403131, the one the YPT is under is BSA ID 13870458.
And yes, the first names are different too but it’s the same person.

For the second leader, the Scoutbook and are using the same BSA ID but the training she completed is not listed !?

This is a common mistake that gets made. The names have to match exactly in order to get everything to sync. We have a parent in our unit who used his nickname on the youth application, then used his legal first name when he created his account to take YPT. The system is unable to match those two.

@NicolasRietsch the first user is being fixed but needs staff intervention - cannot help on second user without BSA #

@DonovanMcNeil Thank you so much

second user’s BSA ID is 13844545.

Do I need to do something for the first one?

@NicolasRietsch on first user - no you need do nothing

On second user she has only done YPT trying under this BSA # and I see no one else under that name - unless they use a nick name - no position trying

Hi @DonovanMcNeil

My leader is still showing at 50% completed on his YTP yet I do have his certificate

Is this the “full” certificate or just for a part? I know another user had just a completion document for a part and thought it was the full training.

The full one; I have it right in front of me

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Talk to you DE and Council Training team to either get it forced into the system or figure out what is going on. If you have the proper certificate for them they shouldn’t have a problem forcing it into the system for them.

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Actually, the ID reconciliation is not complete.
In the training manager, my leader’s ID is 137403131 while he completed his YTP under 13870458.
The merge in schoolbook took place but not in the training records.
I can certainly ask the Council to force the YTP record but what about the other trainings he completed under the “wrong” ID before the merge?

You need to ask your Council to merge the BSA Member IDs.