Trying to find training record

My training record does not reflect an IOLS course I took in May 2021.

Scoutbook does not reflect any Cub Scout positions I have done/performed.

Is there an old ID/account out there for me that this information is attached to?

Current ID is 127865768.

@j3r34d4m I do not see a dupe # = might be it was just never entered by council - they can enter it or your unit Key 3 can add it in

@DonovanMcNeil - you have a typo in the link

@j3r34d4m What Cub Scout positions are missing? I see Pack Trainer, Cubmaster, and Committee Chair.

It was up to the course to enter it. Do you know if they did? Some don’t.

If you have your course completion card (not all instructors remember to issue them), I believe that one of your Unit Key 3 or Training Chair can add the course to your record in my.scouting using Add/Search in the Training Manager.

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@j3r34d4m - and if taken out of council there is a very good chance it would not have been entered


It was out of Council, and there was not a completion cert given. Contact with event staff yielded, “It would have been entered under your ID.” Sounds like it’s gone.

No big deal on the Cub Scout positions not visible in Scoutbook (noticing now that only positions with the current Troop are showing). Thought it might be related.

Thanks for all the replies!

@j3r34d4m - well since BSA ID’s do not cross council lines there would have been no way for the other council to have recorded it.

@j3r34d4m If you attend a training outside of your council, then that other council doesn’t have a way to enter your training. You would need to contact your current council and ask them to enter it for you.

@j3r34d4m Can you see your Cub Scout positions in Scoutbook when you go to:

My Account → My Positions ?

You will need to scroll down to the “My Past Positions” section.

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