Pack Advancements have disappeared

We have been planning to order the most recent advancements; however, everything we put in from the previous month is gone. That was 2022 information, and we did go through a recharter.

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Could you explain where they are missing? Is the Purchase Order missing? Was the Purchase Order closed?

Are you able to use the “Cub Scout Recognition Report”? (When using this report, I would check the boxes next to:

“Include Awarded Within Date Range” and
“Include Not-Awarded Regardless of Date Range”

I can’t get a straight answer from the people doing it, but from what I understand the report does not generate the advancements made within the past month. (Dec 15 to now). I wish the people that do this would respond.

not on your side, that’s a response from my volunteers, sorry about the wording

If you are a unit admin (or a Key 3/Key 3 Delegate), you might be able to use the Audit Log report (from the Pack Reports tab under the Pack page in Scoutbook) to trace what was done by the volunteers.

This is what the generation interface looks like in the Troop version. I assume the pack would be similar.

You might be able to search that to find the names of the folks who are expressing concern about the “disappearing” items, or for entries in the “right time-frame”. That might at least get you started on internal tracing.

@NathanPresley - what is your role in whatever unit you are posting about. Nobody can help you unless you provide some details and context

my position is cub master

@NathanPresley so what is a BSA # of a Scout and an advancement they think is gone

What I learned over the weekend is this has affected the whole pack. Apparently, when trying to generate a needs purchasing reports, nothing populates the report. I suspect “Delete Items from Purchase Order” or “Delete Purchase Order” was selected. Is there way to recover? I’m not comfortable giving out names or ID#s. If that means this topic can’t move further; I understand and will close.

If it’s just that the purchase order was deleted, the items should have reappeared on the Needs Purchasing list. Did you find anything useful from the audit logs?

Nothing repopulates in the Needs Purchasing list, and nothing jumps out from the audit log. We’re creating a new list. Just some extra work; I was hoping to find a quick/easy solution.

@NathanPresley - could they have been marked as awarded

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@NathanPresley - i would run the recognition report

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Try running the Cub Scout Recognition Report to see if they were marked Awarded by mistake.

Be sure to check the box next to:

“Include Awarded Within Date Range”

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