Outgoing AOL Items on Needs Purchasing Report After Transfer to a Troop

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These are strange times, for sure. My AOL den was supposed to bridge this past Saturday, but have instead opted to start Scouting with the Troop as planned through virtual meetings right away. We’re still planning a formal, in-person bridging when we’re able to, which is our opportunity to provide those Scouts with the last two months of pins and awards they’ve earned as Cub Scouts.

My fear is that we’ll transfer these Scouts to their Troops in ScoutBook and the items on the PO will drop off. Does anyone know if that happens, and if so, suggest a means of capturing those orders before transfer? I imagine it’s a matter of screencapturing the Needs Purchasing Report.

THANK YOU for your help!


Just close out the purchase order and get the advancement report now

I’ll probably go ahead and do that, just didn’t want to throw my new Advancement Chair for a loop. I’ll see if she’s okay with that. Thank you!

Didn’t even consider that! Thanks for sharing that! We will do the same. Thank you!

Do not forget to mark them awarded too - just do it after you close purchase order

Just to be clear, even a closed purchase order loses items when the scouts are no longer in the unit. Print both the pdf and advancement report to pdf if you don’t intend to make the purchases immediately.

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