Scout Book has lost one of my scouts!

One of my scouts has disappeared from the scout book, and I am not connected to her.?
How can I get her back to my troop?
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Have a key 3 look at the roster to see if scout is there. If not it means they are not registered. If they are post the BSA # and we can take a look

I am a key 3, and I had checked. She has been with us for one year now and has gone to summer camp with Troop 6032??

She joined on 5/22/22, not a full year since joining us

@RosieThiel - what is her BSA ID ?

If it is the top name, I do not see it anywhere - the lower name is in you unit and in Scoutbook

I don’t have it, I never pulled if from Scoutbook, I looked on her camp reservation list and it is not on there, Sorry

@RosieThiel - look at the roster in for the scout

Hello, Rosie!

Ok. Login to Go to the menu>The Troop #>Roster. This should list all of your adults and scouts. You will have to use the arrows/numbers below to page through all of the people. Next to their name you will see their BSA ID.

She is not on my side of it. Can you see her on your side

@RosieThiel - so not in which would mean that there is no registration

What is your role in the unit?

It was there, she paid and went to camp. I would not have been able to ding her up fur camp if she was not registered.

@RosieThiel - I am not sure if you are answering the question… You looked in ?

Yes, I looked at She is not listed on my troop roster. I checked my connections also and she is not listed therr either

@RosieThiel - then the scout is not registered in your unit. Was a paper application submitted for her ? Was she ever listed in ? How did she become a part of the troop ?

@RosieThiel I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

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I sent in her paper app with her money. I guess I will need to check with the council.

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