Scout No Longer On Scoutbook Roster

A scout that was previously on our Scoutbook roster has now disappeared. She has been with our troop for over a year, and has advancement that was recorded. When I search in, I can see that she is active. Why would this have happened, and how do I restore her to the roster? Thank you in advance.

@JenniferOlmstead post the BSA # and we can look at it

The # is 13892568


@JenniferOlmstead She had the wrong BSA member number set as primary at my.scouting (Manage Member ID). I have fixed it.

I have also requested a position sync. She should be back on your roster later today or tomorrow.

@JenniferOlmstead Your Scout should be back on your roster today.

It also looks like she has a leadership position that needs to be approved.

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