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Scouts BSA Recognition Report no longer shows all scouts I have permissions to view


I have permissions to view and update all scouts in our troop. I used to be able to run the Scouts BSA Recognition Report for the entire troop to help prepare for our Court of Honor. When I run the report now, it is only showing my son. As far as I know, my permissions have not changed, as I can still view and update records for all scouts. All scouts still show up in other reports, such as the Incomplete Merit Badge Report. Did something change with Scoutbook to prevent me from running the rec report?

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Check my dashboard > administration > my account > my connections. What connection types do you have to those scouts?

In the report options, make sure you check the box for Include Awarded Within Date Range. Otherwise, it will only show the advancement that has been marked as approved but not marked as awarded.

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Hi Jacob,

Yes, they all appear in my connections. Some are Full Control and some are read + edit.

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Hi Aaron,

That doesn’t seem to make a difference, but thank you for the suggestion. In this case, I only want to see approved but not awarded.

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I believe you may need full control of all scouts. Are you a unit admin?

No, I’m not the unit admin, I’m an advancement chair. To help clarify, I have been able to run this report in the past several times. Even the scouts I have full control of do not show up. I am able to see everything in their profile if I click through them one at a time. I am able to run the incomplete merit badge report, the Needs Approval report, the Needs Awarding report and the Needs Purchasing report and see everyone. The last time I probably ran the report for the entire troop was in April, but it is possible I ran it after that.

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I’ve had some reports fail when there was a scout to whom I didn’t have a connection in the list on the report. Since you’re not a unit admin, you wouldn’t see any “extraneous” scouts (membership not approved, etc) in the roster. I wonder if one of those could be tripping the system up. @SUAC?

@JeffreyHoover This report is simply supposed to filter out scouts for which the adult does not have a full connection. Could you send an email with the issue to Include your bsa member number. Then post the ssd number from the subject of the automated reply back here.

@JeffreyHoover Some changes have been made. Could you try again?

Hooray, it works again! Thank you for fixing the issue.

– Jeff

Perfect! The developers loosened up the permissions to allow anyone with at least view advancement to see the scouts. Note that it will automatically exclude any scouts with whom you don’t have at least that permission level.

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