Scouts can’t multiple

I have three sons, two are scouts and one is a Cubscout. We work on scouting in two different councils. We were able to successfully register our Cubscout with an online application and had no problems with the pack recharter. However, with the two scouts, when attempting to submit a multiple application, while it finds the boys, at the final step, we get an error

Our apologies, but we are experiencing an error on our end. Please contact your local council to report it.Error: You are not authorized to access this API.

I have worked with the council and they could not resolve the issue, asked that we just submit paper applications, which we did. The boys finally appeared in the roster just in time to go through the recharter, but then, apparently when the recharter was processed which listed them as multiples, they disappeared again from the roster.

I understand BSA uses several systems and they don’t always play nicely together. I’m just wondering if there is any way to resolve this issue so the boys appear in both troops at the same time just ad my Cubscout does.


Your local council needs to send in a national membercare ticket on it is the fastest way

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Since the boys’ primary registration is in TAC and we’re having problems with NCAC, it would need to be NCAC that send the ticket, correct?

It would not really matter - but NCAC might have a better understanding of it from that view point