Scouts Duplicated on Ship Roster

With the addition of being able to add crews to my Ship’s roster, I’ve noticed scouts assigned to a crew now appear twice on the master roster. Is this normal?

Update: when I refer to a crew that is Sea Scouts’ patrol equivalent.

@ChristopherSwift - could you check the membership section of said scout to see if there are two active current memberships

I imagine they have a crew membership and a ship membership - they only need one

Same unit, single membership. A Sea Scout crew is the same as a Troop patrol.


Look at the Scout’s membership page in Scoutbook to see if there is both a ship and crew
Membership open. If there is, close the ship membership because, as you said they only need one.

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@edavignon Although that is not the case in this instance wouldn’t that terminate the scouts affiliation with the ship? I do have scouts registered in multiple units and they are only listed once on my master roster.

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 8.13.54 AM

This is your Scouts issue. End the Ship one. The Crew inside the Ship remains.

When adding Scouts to Crew you should go to Crew and use the Reassign button

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@DonovanMcNeil Thank you. That fixed it. Strange that when I used the reassign button within the crew roster page it duplicated them on the roster, but not when I used it through their membership page.

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