Scouts have disappeared

I’ve had about 9 scouts disappear from our troop in Scoutbook - we’re getting their paperwork to the scout office to get them officially in our troop (they crossed over in late February), but in the meantime, we need them in our Scoutbook. Can someone help me with this? We’re looking at Troop 77 in Crossroads of America.

They gotta be registered or they’ll keep being removed. You can use the online transfer process and then it doesn’t sit in a pile waiting for the registrar. That’s your fastest course of getting it properly addressed. Let me know if you need more details on that.

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Can we tell where the scout records went? I’d love more info on the online transfer process if you have a minute - I’d really appreciate that.

The Pack Key 3 can do something similar en masse at > Roster

I’m in your council and made an educated guess as to your district and sent your DE a message about your issue. Hopefully he or a commissioner for your district can reach out and help. The online transfers can be initiated by the parent or the sending unit as DonovanMcNeil points out above. The Scoutmaster of the receiving unit would be the approver just like with a paper application. I’m the incoming District Commissioner in Pathfinder district.

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