Keep Losing Scout

Hello i have a scout bsa 134713135 who keeps coming in and out of our Scoutbook. He is gone again. he transferred last year and every once in a while he leaves and his parents have to do the transfer steps again. Any help he came from pack 615 to our pack 624

@DavidLafko this scout is not registered in your unit - they need to register

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All of that Scout’s registrations are with Pack 615.

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@JenniferOlinger @DonovanMcNeil he was in our pack last year and in scoutbooks So does that transfer feature work or should we just revert back to paper

If the parents use the transfer feature at my.scouting (My Applications), then it should transfer the Scout’s registration.

The “Transfer In Scout” button in Scoutbook does not do anything with registrations.

@JenniferOlinger Ok so we should try that again then… This will be the 3rd time for doing it that way. Is there a group like this that does my.scouting?

MYST Transfer tool.pdf (222.1 KB)

Thanks well try it again. I asked council to look into it too thought maybe there is something hanging up with it

I see no attempts at registrations to your unit

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