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Scouts in Wrong Units

My son is listed on the right troop but not to me his parent. Then his sister is a lone scout and listed with a troop. Nope not ok. How do we fix? Ps app doesn’t recognize me but online does

Hi, @HeatherPhillips,

Let me make sure I understand what you’re describing.

  1. Your son is correctly listed with his troop, but you are not connected as the parent? To correct this problem, contact one of the unit leaders who is a troop Scoutbook admin, and have them connect you as the parent. Scoutmaster, Committee Chair and Chartered Org Rep are all admins by default, and your troop may have set up more (or modified this arrangement).

  2. Your daughter is a lone scout, but is showing up with a troop. I’m not 100% sure how to correct this issue, since Scoutbook doesn’t really contemplate Lone Scouts, and in order for the scout to have a Scoutbook account, he or she must be associated with a troop. There has been a fair amount of discussion on the question of “why doesn’t Scoutbook support Lone Scouts”. I’m not aware of any way, at the moment, for a scout to have a Scoutbook account without being associated with a troop. SUAC, got any info on this?

ETA: Regarding the app not seeing you, the Scouting app only works for parents or scouts, so if you’re not listed as the parent, then you wouldn’t have access in the app, even as a leader. The app also limited to parent/scout-level access, so none of the leader tools that you would see in the web version are available.

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