Parent can't see scout or unit information

I have two parents from one family in a BSA Troop that cannot see any unit information or their son’s account in Scoutbook. They are connected to the Scout and have full parent admin rights. Everything looks correct from me as the unit admin and key-3. Screen shot of mother’s scoutbook is attached.

I would start by verifying how they are logging-in to their account. If they are using email, I would verify that the email address matches. I would also compare the BSA ID and full name in their profile information against what you see when you look at their profile.

Their emails match what is in Scoutbook. They get Scoutbook generated emails from the Troop no problem. It looks like their BSA ID and name are the same. They use to have access to the Troop page and their son’s account. I tried to reconnect them by pressing the “update” button in the modify connection section on their son’s account.

I also sent their data to the council for help.

Hrm. Try going to the scout’s unit membership, disapproving it. Save. Then, reapprove it. That should toggle the membership state, which might also be enough to kick-start the parent connections.

Another thing to try would be going to the connection for each parent, add Other Family Member, click update. Then, go back in, remove the Other Family Member, and click update again. I’ve had that help from time-to-time with parent connections.

Someone from SUAC might be able to investigate/assist if you provide the BSA ID and UserID for the scout, and the UserID for each parent. No need to provide names.

Ok. I tried all of those tricks. I sent an email to the mother to try it again. Will have to wait to see if it works.

The Scouts BSA member # 131908084 and Scoutbook user ID # 456093. Mother’s BSA member # 13282901 and user ID 477026. Father’s BSA member # 13282944 and user ID 476926.

Well the mother had 2 accounts - I made the one she is logging into that was not connected to scout primary and merged them

The father might have 2 but has not logged in since 10/2020

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Thanks. I sent an email to the mother asking her to log back in to try it again.

How can you become a member on Scoutbook User Advisory Council? I have been a Scoutbook Champion for the Denver Area Council for 3-4 years. I help a lot of Troops and Packs get on Scoutbook. The only way I can get some of the units set up is to have them make me an admin in their unit. Then I set-up and bow out of the unit. Got to be a better way.

That is honestly the best way - we need our champions - the number of SUAC that has access to other tools can be counted on one hand.

Her is the mothers response: “Oh yay! I had no idea I had two accounts. Crazy! I just tried and I was able to get into the calendar that you sent me. Thanks so much for all of your help. Have a great weekend!”

Is there a way to give access to the other tools just for a district or council rep? Our Council is not the best on Scoutbook and needs a good bit of help.

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You need to find who in your council has access to Volunteer Support Tools. That took me from bothering the fine SUAC folks from two-three times a day to once a week.


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It is often your council registrar, but it could be someone else.

I know of one that the another champions and I were supporting but he real knows nothing about Scoutbook. He would sit in the class we were teaching multiple times and never understood it. I will try that route again. Thanks.

Same problem. Is this something I can fix?

John, work with your council. Some councils allow volunteers access to the tools they have.

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What exactly is the problem, and can you give me the member IDs of everyone involved?

The parent cannot see their scout when they login. They are getting our emails through Scoutbook, but cannot RSVP for events

Numbers on scout profile:



Number on parent profile:


Thank you,

Becki Brewer

I as well am the go to volunteer in my council and in fact I am listed on the council website to call if they have problems as when they go to council a lot of times the council office has them call me to help as they do not know how to help. I would love to be able to have access to the tools to assist them. I hate having to send them back to the council office because I don’t have the proper access to the tools needed. I would love to see certain volunteers have access to the tools.

Have him try again. It should be fixed now. If not, send an email to me at and we can work off list.

Again work with your local council.