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Scouts missing from Scoutbook but on my.scouting roster

Two of my scouts that have been in the troop for over a year have disappeared from my Scoutbook roster. I don’t have them listed on my connections but they are on the my.Scouting troop roster.

Randy Smith
Troop 1111
Athens, GA

@RandolphSmith If you could post their BSA member numbers from my.scouting, we can take a look.

HW - 130833715

NK - 137000511

Randy Smith
Troop 1111
Athens, GA

FYI, I edited the post to change the youth names to initials. That’ll be sufficient.

@RandolphSmith I think I have them fixed for you now.

Please go to each Scout’s Membership page, and then:

  1. Click on their current membership with their patrol.
  2. Uncheck the box next to “Position Approved”.
  3. Click “Update”.
  4. Wait about 30 seconds.
  5. Repeat the process above, but this time make sure that the box is checked next to “Position Approved”.

Do this for both Scouts.

I have some kids listed on my roster, but when I try to give them credit for attending a campout, their names aren’t there. There are also some names of kids who shouldn’t be on my roster, but they are.

@GaryCole When you say “who shouldn’t be,” do you mean scouts who were previously in your unit but left? Or totally unknown names? If the former, it’s possible your council hasn’t processed your recharter yet.

@GaryCole I sent you a private message for more information.

Hi, I have a similar problem, so I thought I would add to this discussion. If someone from the advisory council could check into it, that would be excellent. I have a newly registered Cub Scout (actually it has been over a month) who hasn’t appeared in scoutbook yet. He is listed on our roster in my.scouting.org. Here are his initials and BSA ID as well as my pack/council info:

GM - 13752708
Baltimore Area Council, Pack 108


@MichaelDaPra - OK that is a good one - he is in pack in SB but also is not - OK - I think what happened is this he was added 12/23/20 and ended in SB 1/2/21 - did you give the application after turning in recharter paperwork? Talk to council I think

Thanks for the response Donovan. You are right that this application was done entirely after recharter paperwork was turned in. They literally reached out about joining a few days after I turned in the recharter. I wasn’t sure if I should wait some time before advising the family to register, so I asked my council and they said it would be fine. I will talk to them as you suggest. Thanks again.

There is no future or pending registration for 2021

If the council advised you to turn it in, they may have a process to add back anyone who joined in that window after they finish processing recharters. Definitely reach out to see. How much did you pay them for this scout? That may also be a clue.

Jacob, I just emailed my council, so hopefully they can advise.

The family applied online and paid there (as deferring payment when applying online is no longer an option). They paid $5.50 for the current year (December), $66 for future year (2021), $25 for New Member Fee, and a $2.90 Administrative fee - $99.40 altogether.

Ok, yes, they should have been covered. Although, I worry a little that your recharter still wiped them out. Talking to your council is the best course of action.

I got word back from my council. It sounds like they do have a process for a carrying scouts added in December through (so they don’t get lost in the recharter), and that they did that process in this case. Apparently our recharter was mistakenly ‘on hold’ and that was the issue. The fixed that and said to give it a day to work through the system. Hopefully all is better this time tomorrow. Thanks again for the help gentlemen.


All of the scouts in my Webelos & AOL dens are missing from Scoutbook. My oldest son (AOL) shows up on my Dashboard, but not in a den, effective 2/7/21. I did look in my.scouting.org & the missing scouts are listed on the roster there. How do I get them back in Scoutbook?

@ValerieTrommater I sent you a private message for more information.

I have the same issue. Scout was on scout book, then disappeared. He is also on a Venturing Crew. However when I try to connect it wants me to connect as a merit badge counselor (which I also am). How do I connect to get him back on roster?
Thank you

@MarkNederostek What is the Scout’s BSA member number?