Scouts not on sb but on national roster

I have 3 scouts who were removed from scoutbook but are still on our national roster for Pack 3998. How can I reattach these scouts. Apparently their membership was ended on SB which is not the case. PS I don’t care for the forum I like the old says of emailing and getting an answer in return. I find getting to the answers or proper channel confusing Just a 2 cents Took forever to see where to post a question but still don’t know if I am in the right place thanks for your help vhere are their IDs I saw someone ask for id without name

@paulakelly I am looking in to this for you.

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It is not clear - think you need to talk to council - all seem to have been registered in a troop - it is rather messy

@paulakelly It looks like they have pending troop registrations, which means that they will likely show up on their troop rosters in Scoutbook later today or tomorrow.

What do you need to do with them?

I actually was able to initiate the transfer yesterday Thank you!! I had tried several times before and couldn’t They need their AOL rank put in for cubs but I believe our registrar can do that manually Thanks again for your help

very messy Donovan LOL I think it worked itself out which is what council had said

they did transfer to the troop at crossover but needed their rank for AOL registered. I messed them up by trying to transfer them back to the pack in order to put in their rank. I forgot when I did the transfer initially that our pack had been shut down for recharter for about a month so their rank was never completed, I should have waited for the pack to be back online before transferring them in the first place,

Yes. They will have to. I always try to get that on before transferring. Our registrar asks for a manual advancement report and can mark them complete even though they are in a troop.

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