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Scouts on roster (beyond age of eligibility) still not showing up in Scoutbook

Last thread closed after 7 days, but still no resolution and no answers via email from Scoutbook on the matter… Scouts registered beyond the age of eligibility (over 18) are now given the code ‘UP’ (Unit Participant) - Scoutbook does not recognize this code and consequently we are no longer able to track/register awards in Scoutbook for these Scouts. Despite the fact that these Scouts are clearly on the Roster Report from My.Scouting.Org, attempting to add these Scouts back in to Scoutbook using Member ID and person information results in ‘Scout record not found’.

This is a known issue. The BSA is working on it but I do not have a recent update.

You can use the Transfer In Scout on your unit roster page to pull the Scout into Scoutbook. Just make sure the start date of the membership is today so that Member Update does not remove the Scout again. You can change the start date to the actual start date once the problem is fixed. You will need the Scout’s BSA Member ID and last name to use Transfer In Scout.

Transfer in Scout does not work… entering the Scouts’ information results in record not found message.


Thank you. It has worked for some Scouts but obviously not all. I will try to find out what the status of fixing this issue is early in the week.

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