Scout's Phone number

I have a scout who has the correct phone number in both myscouting and scoutbook. However when i print print off the unit roster from internet advancement the the phone number is different. Any idea why this is happening?

You will need to post the Scouts BSA membership ID number (no name) for a forums’ monitor to have a look at the situation.

Not sure why. Like @Bill_W mentioned, with BSA ID (no names please), the SUAC folks can investigate.

If it’s urgent enough to fix that you can’t wait for them to look into it, you might be able to force a sync by editing some information (make and unmake a change without saving between) in the scout’s profile at IA, then saving. That can take 24-48 hours to hit, though, and the SUAC folks might have a better chance of diagnosis if things are left as-is.

Try editing the scout’s profile in internet advancement and save it (even if you don’t actually make any changes). That should push all info on that screen to all the systems. Then, run your roster report again.

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