Moving Scouter's Scoutbook profile to Internet Advancement

Our Council has several merit badge counselors (only registration) whose Scoutbook email address and/or phone number don’t match what is in their profile. We have forced a sync with Scoutbook and the incorrect email address and/or phone number in Scoutbook tends to remain incorrect. When we tell the individual they need to go into Scoutbook and change the information in their profile there, they get a message that they don’t have access to internet advancement and therefore can’t access their profile. We are currently trying to change an email address and phone number for a counselor and can’t change the phone number. The number in Scoubook is not the number in (nor has it ever been in and we simply can’t change the number. We finally got the email address corrected, but not the phone number. It would be good if individuals could access their Scoutbook profiles for changes.


Are they using their ID to log in to Scoutbook? If you post their BSA member IDs (no names) we can check for duplicate accounts which often cause problems.

BSA ID is 13865309. Our problem with addresses is we have many transient Scouters (NCAC) and whe we register them in our Council, our ID is primary, Scoutbook wants to retain old address which requires units to search any distance to find them. My.scouting has current local address in their profile.


The individual who’s MID you posed has the same address in the BSA Person Database and Scoutbook. The mailing address in appears is different. The e-mail address matches in all systems.

I do not see any other entry with this individual’s name in any other Council.

Can you change the phone number in Scoutbook to match the phone number in their my.scouting profile? We can’t or at least haven’t figured out a way to do it.

In theory, I think if you edit the phone number in my.scouting without making a change (e.g. delete and retype a digit), I think it triggers a push throughout the system.

Tried that. Didn’t work.

A key 3 member can click on the person’s name in the roster in Scoutbook or Internet Advancement and edit the profile to change phone numbers. It changes them in all the systems. We tested that.

The person can edit their profile in Scoutbook or Internet Advancement and it changes it in all systems too.

The person referenced is only registered as a MBC so is not in a unit’s roster. When opening “edit profile” from the “my account” page, they’re taken to internet advancement and get a message they don’t have access and therefore cannot edit their profile. If you look in the registrar tools profile, you’ll see one phone number listed, the correct phone number, and this is not the one in Scoutbook. We’ve forced a sync and were able to change the email address, but the phone number didn’t change and we can’t change it.

@DavidAstle I will report the IA issue - I would go to myscouting and change the Phone to something wrong and save - then go back and correct it to see if it forces the change

@DavidAstle I would also suggest they try a SHIFT + Refresh when on the page

Can someone who can make changes to Scoutbook at National, please make the phone number in Scoutbook the same as the one in (ID .13865309). We can’t do it at council and the individual can’t do it because they don’t have access to internet advancement where their profile not resides.

@DavidAstle I requested a sync.

Can you check to see if the phone number changed?

Wasn’t 2 hours ago and I just checked again. Same as it’s always been which is incorrect. We did a sync here and were able to get the email address fixed, but the phone remains incorrect.

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