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Internet Advancement Roster Errors

okay, so Scoutbook has updated the names of the currently registered scouts. However, the roster list on the Internet Advancement page is Not updated. Scouts who have dropped are still listed. New scouts are not listed. Who can fix this? And how?


Are the Scouts correct in Member Manager in my.scouting.org? If not, you will need to contact your council.

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Scoutbook does not write back to Member Manager. Either the people will drop when your charter is posted, or when they are tranferred out of the unit. Did you know you volunteers can transfer members?

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So when the charter is “posted” the new members will be listed and the unregistered members will be dropped? And this happens when? I am not trying to transfer members from one unit to another. I just want to give the members of my den credit for their activities instead of getting a “person not found” message.

Correct. Internet advancement aligns with your official roster in my.scouting. So, if they aren’t showing up in IA, chances are they aren’t actually registered. That’s why Ed suggested checking member manager.

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@ConnieRoller - the posting of your charters is a council function. Typically, councils ‘process/post’ charters during the first full week of the month following the expiration of the current charter, but occasionally councils have literally taken months to get this done. (you asked…:sunglasses:)

Now before going to the issue of giving activity credit to the new Scouts, have you looked today to see if they showed up on your roster? (Sometimes the overnight sync doesn’t complete.)

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