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Scouts using messaging feature

As a scoutmaster, I use the Messaging feature regularly to communicate to my troop. My Senior Patrol Leader is interested in using Scoutbook messaging as well, to likewise communicate with scouts and parents. I know the features and YPT safeguards for adults emailing scouts, but have seen little information on scouts wanting to email with other scouts and the troop as a whole. As a boy-led organization, this should be supported and encouraged. Any idea on what features are available to scouts with regards to messaging?

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Steven - I just observed the login and dashboard for my son and he indeed has an option to send message, That line is directly below the administration line.

Scouts can go to messages and email any adult that has a connection to them, as well as other Scouts that have their own accounts.

The REPLY to WILL give the Scouts email to all who receive it

We use a dummy adult account that the PLC has access to for messaging and maintaining the calendar.

The road bump for our troop is that many 11 and 12 year old scouts don’t have their own email accounts. At best the emails go to their parents which may or may not be effective. Additionally there is some support in scoutbook for texting scouts, but phone usage is even more erratic, with some boys living on them and others not owning phones.