Search Unit Payment Log - Unable to Close Accounts for Scouts no longer in Unit 2

Unable to reply to my last post since it auto-closed so posting again to see if any new info was found.


I am the unit admin and treasurer for my cub scout pack. Was intrigued by the new release of Unit Payment Log and Search Unit Payment log. When I went in, saw that the unit payment log showed way more money then we have. Searched Unit Payment Log and found a bunch of scouts tied to our unit with balances that haven’t been in our unit for quite some time. When I tried Close Account or even add a transaction to the scouts account to zero the balance, I see a circle appear like it is thinking and then it reverts to the main pack screen and took me completely out of the Search Unit Payment Log area.

I have been able to close an account on a few but I noticed that in the “Notepad and Comment” section has my photo like I am tied to that scout. The ones that I am unable to change does not have my photo in that section and some have none like they are not tied to anyone. How to I fix these scouts payments logs if I am unable to close them?

Browser being used: Chrome

Thank you.

Eric Thon

Eric - the Close Account button is an extension feature. It sounds like its broken for the “old accounts”. Actually, I would recommend not using that one anyway - if those old accounts are not part of your current tracking and you were not using the extension’s RemovedScout Account, then I would recommend simply deleting all transactions in those accounts

I tried deleting transaction also but got the same type of response where it just closed on me.

I’ll try to replicate the issue…

Eric - The Delete All Transactions does delete them for me. The issue with it going back to the dashboard is the extension trying to reload the payment log page for the user when it has completed deleting transactions.

I will fix that in the next extension release.

If you use the search feature again, you will see that the user is no longer listed because they have no transactions in their log.

Sorry, didn’t check recently since my other forum post didn’t have any new info. Yes, the delete all transaction works now for me. I will take that fix and start applying it. Thank you!

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