Search Unit Payment Log - Unable to Close Accounts for Scouts no longer in Unit


I am the unit admin and treasurer for my cub scout pack. Was intrigued by the new release of Unit Payment Log and Search Unit Payment log. When I went in, saw that the unit payment log showed way more money then we have. Searched Unit Payment Log and found a bunch of scouts tied to our unit with balances that haven’t been in our unit for quite some time. When I tried Close Account or even add a transaction to the scouts account to zero the balance, I see a circle appear like it is thinking and then it reverts to the main pack screen and took me completely out of the Search Unit Payment Log area.

I have been able to close an account on a few but I noticed that in the “Notepad and Comment” section has my photo like I am tied to that scout. The ones that I am unable to change does not have my photo in that section and some have none like they are not tied to anyone. How to I fix these scouts payments logs if I am unable to close them?

Browser being used: Chrome

Thank you.

Eric Thon

Based on your description, you have the Feature Assistant extension installed, correct?

Yes, I do have the Feature Assistant Extension installed.

Ok, thanks for verifying. I am looking into it.

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