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Close Account button in Payment Log

In ScoutBook, in a scout’s Payment Log, there is a button that says “Close Account”. What does that button do? I can’t find anything online that says what happens when that button is used.

@DanielMcCarty - are you using the Feature Assistant as I do not see that button in the payment log.

@Stephen_Hornak - Yes, I am. Sorry, I forgot to mention that.

@DanielMcCarty - I gather you checked the help documents provided by the author of the extension ? You could also contact him as well.

@Stephen_Hornak - I did check, yes. There was nothing about that button. I will try reaching out to him via email.

looks like it reconciles the payment log if a scout leaves so a unit does not have an unaccounted for $4 - or something

It is in the document for the Unit Accounting.

As Donovan suggests - it zeros out the log but copies the transaction history to an account named RemovedScout Account if you have one. This is important for unit level accounting as it keeps the transaction history available for the unit after the Scout has moved on.

@DonovanMcNeil @GaryFeutz - thanks you guys!

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