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Add payment log still not fixed, Unit Treasurer

I can not log payments. I read the previous topic and tried the fixes suggested but it still doesn’t work. I accepted my position as Treasurer again but it didn’t fix the problem. I need to enter payments for the kids before we get too behind.

The payment log bug where treasurers cannot edit is still in development. The workaround is to have an existing unit admin make you a unit admin.

We expect this bug to be fixed in January.

It looks like I am a Troop Admin as well. Is a unit admin different from a troop admin?

@LauraGoodhue - looks like the troop admin and outdoor roles need to be approved by a unit admin.

ok I’ll try to contact them. Thank you.

@Stephen_Hornak’s method will definitely get the position approved. You might be able to re-approve your own admin role. I’m not sure if that works in this context. I know that, in the past, there’s been an issue where unit admin positions have needed to be re-accepted/re-approved. That you could solve yourself by going to My Positions -> Troop Admin, then re-accepting and re-approving the role in the dialog box. However, in those cases, I believe the role looked approved, so I’m not sure if the same solution would also work here.

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@CharleyHamilton - thank you Charlie… I was fully expecting that I had forgotten something :slight_smile:

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