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Searching for Merit Badge counselor by zip code

When trying to search for a merit badge counselor in zip code 21102 it keeps deferring to a different zip code, 21211.

The most recent Scoutbook Update post indicated that there’s a known bug in the search zip code that’s being worked on: June 9, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Just providing more information:

It appears to do a search based upon the council zip code not the Unit’s zip code. For a large Council like ours - Pathway to Adventure - the software defaults to 60607 (the Council’s Headquarters zip code). Inputting our Unit’s zip code - 46307 (in Indiana) does nothing.

Hopefully it will be fixed soon. I went through 50+ pages looking for a counselor close to our zip, only to find none. Then had to check the map and start the search over looking for someone close.

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