Selecting Scouts for Reports Issues

I have been seeing an issue for two weeks now in generating advancement reports. I generate a report that shows what individual requirements Scouts that are under 1st Class need for advancement. I have a report per patrol that lists only those scouts that are under 1st Class and what they need. As soon as a scout hits 1st Class I remove them from the list. Starting last week whenever I modify the list at all, when I save the report it selects every scout in the patrol. I can print out the list with only the correct scouts before I save it but as soon as I save it, no matter what I do it selects the rest of the scouts in the patrol.


I assume you are using Report Builder.

Do you have the “Show ranks and select only Scouts who have not completed the selected rank(s)” check box selected?

I don’t have that selected but I should be able to select whoever I want whether I have that selected or not. An example is that I am getting ready to head to summer camp and only want the people in the patrol that are going to summer camp. It is good that the check-box will automatically remove people if selected after they earn ranks but not having it selected shouldn’t effect who is currently selected… Also when doing this I have a report for each of the four patrols in my troop and when selecting scouts in the patrol in one report all of sudden scouts were selected in the same patrol in a different patrols report (i.e. in the Moose patrol report all the scouts in the Moose patrol got selected, when editing the Jellyfish patrol all of sudden all the scouts in the Moose patrol were selected.)

What options do you have selected?

Show % complete
Show Dates
Show Requirement Descriptions
Show Empty Requirements
Show Current Rank
Show Current Rank Date
Abbreviate Last Names
Show Header of Each PDF PAge
Auto-select New Scouts According to “All” Checkboxes (Note All not selected for any patrol with a check but a box appears in the box if ANY are selected.)

Just now, I removed the last item it seems to leave the list alone but the purpose of this last item used to be that if you added a new scout to the patrol that scout automatically got selected. I am not selecting all in that patrol so all in the patrol shouldn’t be getting selected.


Yes, there is an issue with the auto select. The developers are aware but it has not yet been investigated.

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