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I’ve searched and I see that over a year ago, the feature to invite Scouts to scoutbook was not working. Has this still not been fixed? I can find no information newer than Fall 2022.

Adults other than parent/guardians have never been able to invite scouts to connect. Do you have parent/guardians who have been unable to invite their scouts to connect?

If it’s a specific scout, posting their BSA ID number (no names please!) will allow the SUAC folks to determine if there is something else going on (e.g. the scout already has an account).

I’m talking about parents…
A parent used to be able to go to their child’s profile in Scoutbook, enter an email address an give permissions for that youth to receive emails. When the edit profile function was moved to internet advancement, this went away. I found several topics in these forums from August and September 2022, including a post indicating that it was a “know bug.”

My Crew refused to use Scoutbook because in the beginning, the youth couldn’t edit the calendar or send emails. That was changed, but we still had issues with parents not taking the step to give their child permissions to send/receive emails. We’ve had to move over to Scoutbook as a communication tool, for various reasons. I have 21 Venturers and only 8 can receive emails. This is not acceptable for a Crew, especially since some of them are over 18.


A parent can still do that IF the Scout does not already have an e-mail address in their Scoutbook profile. Unfortunately, some Councils added parent e-mail addresses to Scout profiles which were then pushed to Scoutbook. This is why Charley suggested posting the Scout’s BSA Member ID so we can look to see if the Scout has an e-mail address in their profile and has ever logged in. Many cases we find is the parent invited the Scout long ago, the Scout logged in log ago but has since forgotten their credentials or even the fact that they logged in.

An alternate path to a Scout getting access to Scoutbook is to create a ID. The system should find the existing registration for the Scout and thus use the same BSA Member ID. Logging in to Scoutbook with that ID will connect to the Scout’s Scoutbook ID.

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