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Scoutbook/Internet Advancement Activiey Log Report (Service Hours)

Not sure this is a feature request as it should be considered a bug.

There is currently no way to generate an Activity Log Report by unit. If an adult, and likely youth as well, is registered in multiple units all their service hours show in the given unit’s Activity Log Report. And when you add items such as service hours, you can add hours for non-registered youth and adults. Those hours are not included in the unit’s Activity Log Report. As designed the Activity Log Report pulls all the service hours of those adults, and likely youth as well, that are connected to your unit via Scoutbook, even if you have never entered any service hours for them for your unit and they are technically not even on your official unit roster (a parent not registered in our unit, but registered in another unit.).

We need a way to actually pull annual unit service hours reports that filter out service hours from other units, and include service hours for non-registered youth and adults that participated with the given unit. Not even sure how to handle personal service hours they enter themselves as they should only apply to one unit in some cases and maybe every unit they are registered with in other cases.

On a side note I created a temporary test service project and added only myself to it. Now, I can not delete that service project from my profile or the activity calendar. I won’t even mention that all the unit service hours activities that I have enter this year are gone from the calender, but still showing in the individuals’ profiles. Recording, managing/editing, and reporting service hours seems to have major integrity issues.

I’ve asked someone to look at your report concerns.

You should be able to delete activities that were entered into Internet Advancement. Try editing it to see if a delete option appears.

All activities that migrated from the old logs came in as individual activities because that’s how they were saved at the time (despite how you may have actually entered them). There was no reliable way to aggregate them back to unit activities. To show your individual activities, make sure you have the filter set to include them. Note that there is a bug on some mobile devices that prevents the filter from showing.

I was able to delete the temporary/test activity this morning. Something changed since last night in the left menu. Last night I did not have an “Activities” option, only an “Activities Calendar” option. This morning the activities calendar option is no longer there. I could not delete the activity form the calendar, I could only delete from the “Activities” option.

The Activities Calendar has been temporarily removed while some serious issues are corrected.

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