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Service Hours records

Hi, I am a Den leader in our pack. In scoutbook, my rolls are:
Pack Admin
Unit Advancement Chair
Den Leader (Wolves)
Den Admin Wolves

I added Service Hours for my son, and one of the kids in my den, as well as my daughter (in another den). When I went to add other kids from other dens, I get the error: “approvedUserId” must be a number.
Is there a different role responsibility in the internet advancement side, or another reason that I shouldn’t be able to add other kids to the service project?


It usually works better if one of your Key 3 (Cubmaster, Committee Chair, or Chartered Org. Rep.) adds you as Unit Advancement Chair (UAC) or Key 3 Delegate (K3D) at my.scouting.

They can add you by logging in at my.scouting and then going to:

Organization Manager → Position Manager → Functional Roles


ok thank you! I will ask the Chair & Cubmaster to discuss & add me if they want to. I appreciate it.

I am having the exact same issue and I am a Key 3 Delegate. I am trying to add additional scouts to an existing service record and it gives me this error. I was able to create an entirely new record and added one scout with no issue. Then I tried to add a 2nd scout to that new record and got the same issue.

If feel like the issue is with updating a record but not sure.

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I’m getting this too

My permissions and roles are listed differently one each side of things. I sent it up the chain. I was really just trying to save everyone time, but I’m not sure if the other den leaders are entering service hours or not.

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