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Service Star Report

We have a fairly large pack of 115 scouts, I am looking for a report that will show all scouts service time so that I can purchase service stars. Is there a comprehensive report that shows this data?


We also have a largeish pack. We only award Service Stars as the youth bridges out as a Web 2. It saves a huge amount of money, $1.70 per scout per year. Your pack would need $195.5 per year to cover this. Add in your adults and you must be approaching close to $230+.
We looked at these costs (110 scouts and 35 adults) and decided to only award to Web 2s and adults as they bridge. This way they are “made whole” before they left the pack and didn’t have a drawer of backs and stars that they could only wear one year.

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Scoutbook does not support service stars. There are no plans at this time to add them at this time.


It is a hefty expense, but when you consider the cost per scout not too bad, we consider this in our yearly budget for dues. We charge yearly dues and part of those dues are considered as advancement budget.

I figure an average of 10 belt loops per scout at $1.50 each, $20 for graduation (neckerchief, slide, badge, parent pin, card), and $20 for miscellaneous awards. This comes out to $55 of our yearly dues to advancement per scout.

Is there the possibility of at least having a report that show membership time. I understand that the service stars would not be listed as an award, but the ability to run a report that show total membership days would be nice. The data is already in Scoutbook so it would not be that hard to add the capability.

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Actually Scoutbook only has data from the time the unit starts using it, unless the unit goes in and manually adds additional membership data.

I’ll add a request to the backlog but I would not expect to have such a report worked on in the foreseeable future.

Thank you, I actually went in to our roster and updated every scouts dates for each rank, we were tracking on a spreadsheet, I was hoping to be able to get away from manually updating a spreadsheet every year.

If you use the Export/Backup function it will give you a spreadsheet with all their information, including their Join Date if it is filled in. You can just add a column and put this formula in it =YEAR(NOW())-YEAR(Cell with join date) , I would copy and paste it in all of them, to give this to you for each scout.

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The date joined field in the spreadsheet is only for Date Joined Scouts BSA, not Cub Scouts.

True, but if it’s only being used in the pack, the value once set could be used. Does it not appear in a pack’s interface?

Then, when the scout joins a troop, the value would need to be reset, and could then be used to calculate time in the troop (for the “green” backer circles).

The troop would have to know to change this field, though. The Date Joined Scouts BSA is primarily used to exclude activities done while a Cub Scout for purposes of reports (such as OA eligibility, etc.).

Date Joined Scouts BSA only appears in the profile of Scouts in a Troop because it is only used to filter camping nights for OA Eligibility.

There are also Date Joined Venturing and Date Joined Sea Scouts fields for the same purpose. There is no Date Joined Cub Scouts.

@JenniferOlinger: Yeah, I realize that there’s an extra step that results. Honestly, most times a unit has to set this anyway, so I’m assuming that is already part of everybody’s process. Maybe I’m over-estimating that.

@edavignon: I didn’t realize the field wasn’t visible in the cub scout profiles. I’ve been in the troop for several years now, so I’ve lost visibility on what the packs can see and not see.

I second this wishlist. I’ve read the thread, and I get that its not likely to happen, but I’d still like to throw my support behind it and eliminate one more spreadsheet that our pack currently maintains that could be automated with all of the other data Scoutbook has.

There actually is not a date Cub Scouts was started in the database.