Adult Leader Registration Report?

Is there a way to run a report for adult leaders’ registrations? I want to award the adults in my Pack service stars when they register for another year.

Obviously, the F2F (face-to-face) report is easiest (“How many years have you been registered?”), but I’m trying to be strategic about my communication with our leaders. If I can do this for them, it will make their lives that much easier.

Alex Ippoliti
Committee Chair
Pack 1250


There is no report that will show an adult’s full registration time. The problem is every time someone changes councils they get a new BSA Member ID so time in a different council would not appear.

Thank you, we’ll generate the report analog. :abacus:

As Ed said, registration history for the purposes of calculating tenure isn’t easy to compile, especially if folks have changed councils or been in scouts for a while as both a youth and adult. Older electronic records are often incomplete as well, for a number of reasons. So, for those people, it’s best to just ask.

But, for newer volunteers, you can kinda pull this information by going to your unit’s roster in… Select an adult in the list, and then select “Print” at the top of the table, and then “Unit Advancement Details Report.” This should give you a history of their registered positions, at least for your council. Probably best to still confirm the results with them.

Technically, for Service Stars, you only need to include adult registration. But Veteran Awards include tenure as both a youth and adult.

Adult leaders have the option to include their youth tenure for purposes of service stars.

My old committee chair got the data by asking each person for a Scouting resume “just because”. He said each leader needed to provide one. He then used it to award them what he could.

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